Judge orders Border Patrol to improve detention conditions

PHOENIX (AP) — A federal judge in Tucson, Arizona, has ordered the Border Patrol to improve conditions at its holding facilities in most of the state, saying it was not following its own standards by keeping migrants in crowded, cold cells without proper bedding.

Judge David Bury issued the temporary order on Friday requiring the Border Patrol's Tucson Sector to provide clean mats and thin blankets to migrants held for longer than 12 hours and to allow them to wash or clean themselves.

Bury said plaintiffs presented persuasive evidence that basic human needs of migrants were not being met.

The case was brought by immigrants who say the Border Patrol's holding facilities in Arizona are unsanitary, extremely cold and inhumane. Migrants regularly called them "hieleras," the Spanish word for "freezer."

The Border Patrol has said it's committed to the safety, security and welfare of detainees.
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