Celina enjoys big week in WOHSBC

Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

Celina welcomed Bath to interscholastic play this past week in match-play at 20th Century Lanes and then enjoyed home cooking in league play at Plaza Lanes on Saturday afternoon.

I do not have the match scores with Bath at this time but the young men of Celina appeared to dominate while the Wildkittens made a great run at the Lady Bulldogs.

On Saturday, however, the men of Celina were the dominant conference group with a tally of 2990 – 2565 over Versailles, one of the premier power teams of the conference.

Celina rolled traditional games of 951 and 987 before a baker game set of 1,052 for the top conference team honors on Sunday. They were paced by their favorite ‘lane rat’ Cole Cisco with games of 247 and 204 in his two standard games. Nate Langenkamp, Parker Mauer and Kolyn Wiehe gave plenty of support with games of 234, 220 and 216.

The Regandanz girls had solid days but the ladies of Versailles stopped the bid of Celina from double Saturday gold, 2,602-2,347. Makenzie Regandanz rolled 213 and 193 and sister Dorian scored 169 and 187 but the troops from Versailled demonstrated greater overall depth for their win. Morgan Heitkamp scored 204 and 197 to lead the way.

Jaden Gibson and Jami Dunlap led what may have to be called an early season upset as St Marys handed Coldwater a loss. Generally speaking this does not happen in the conference play. Not sure of all the elements at this time but although Emily Fortener was back in action, Paige Hartings was on the sidelines.

Gibson and Dunlap were up to the task as were the Roughriders with games of 226 and 217 and Brittany Freytag added a 201 to demonstrate that the former state champions may once again be ready for prime time.

Wapakoneta, Lima Shawnee and Lima Senior held form with wins over Minster, Ft Loramie and Marion Local.

Britni Hosterman paced the Lady Redskins with games of 196 and 191 in the big win over Minster 2,368-1,826.

Shawnee crunched Ft Loramie 2,422-1,714.

It was a well balanced team victory led by the three-headed monster of Dale Aldrich (369), Allie Meeker (364) and Abbey Ambroza (360) … ouch did I just call these smiling teens monsters? The opponents will often enough!

In what could only be described as a team escape, Lima Senior slid by the Flyers 2,045-1193. Morgan Twining and Riley Davenport paced the Spartan ladies in the win.

Caden Seitz led the men of Coldwater to a huge team performance over St Marys 2,920 – 2,559. Seitz rolled a 265 illlustrating how there is always somebody in the wings ready to elevate their games at the Mercer County school. Ben Schmitmeyer, Trey James and Cory Whitacre all topped 200 as well.

One of my favorite names Gunner Kruse rolled 200 for St Marys.

Alex Weiser rolled a 400 set to lead Lima Shawnee over Ft. Loramie 2,673-2,221. The Indians are loaded and on Saturday the team ran at least four bowlers deep on way to the victory.

Eyon Berney rolled a 218 for Lima Senior High and Marcus McGee rolled 214 and 216 for LCC but those two schools as well as Temple Christian took it on the chin or the other cheek in losses to Marion Local, Mississinawa Valley and Ft. Recovery.

Inter-conference play is now over until later this season and divisional play is underway.

The Limaland teams roll in the North Division and they will return to play in two weeks at Varsity Lanes in St Marys with the young men at 9:45 and the ladies at 1 pm

The local lanes will not be dark as the Spartan Invitational will be held this coming Saturday at 20th Century Lanes with many area teams competing. Action gets underway at 9 a.m. See you there.

Correction: Here are the corrected qualfying rounds that were reported Sunday. Qualifying rounds are 230 and 730 instead of 230 and 530 as i posted.


Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist

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