Ciminelli repeats at Wapakoneta

By Jack Hammill - [email protected]

WAPAKONETA — It was a dejected Ryan Ciminelli that left the PBA competition in Detroit. It had been an expensive trip with hotel stays and the multiple events associated with the The Detroit Open. But most of all he was more that ready to get home to his wife Chelsie.

“I have been on the road for 12 days and I really do miss her – wish she was here. I did not make any money in Detroit. As I was leaving there I looked at my ball rep and said maybe I can go to Wapak and win a tourney.”

And win the tournament he did. In fact he dominated the event with a final winning margin over 20 games of 264 pins. Sam James Cooley of Australia was a distant second with Kelly Jordan of Marion and Dave Wodka of Beavercreek in the third and fourth slots.

Ciminelli, the 2015 US Open Champion, has historically had great success on patterns such as the Cheetah that was used this weekend and even more on the Viper. It is clear from watching him in Wapak and Coldwater that they fit his bowling skill set.

“I have done better on those two patterns, especially in regional events. I have not done as well in national tour events. I think in the regional play that there is a better blend of the wet and the dry. On the national tour it is often so dry that we get a much more violent reaction.”

The reaction of Ciminelli to the Wapak fans and the fans to him is far from violent however. It is reminiscent of the old term mutual admiration society. He spent a great deal of time with the special oympians, even continuing to pose for picture after picture with special olympians and fans following his victory.

“The fans in this area are very knowledgeable and appreciative. I will continue to come here for this event. The cause is such a great cause.”

High school bowler, Brandon Kennard rolled in the event and although not in the prize column he did cash in, getting some left hander tutelage from Ciminelli. It was clear that he was like a sponge when the champion was speaking.

“As professionals we have to be ready at all times to payback. PA [Patrick Allen] was there for me when I came on to the tour so it is important for me to give back as well. He is a good young man, you could tell that he was paying attention and wanted to learn! I can only hope that I helped.”

If there is a downside to his trip to our area it had to be the tutelage of Kennard. Did the best just get better, both Brandon and the Wapak team.

Speaking of the bowling Kennards … Anthony had a great day on Saturday placing third in the qualifying round before faltering on Sunday and mom Elena won a nice Coach purse in the silent auction.

Two other area bowlers, Chandler Stevens – a former UNOH teammate of Kennard and Kody Perrine, yet another Lima young gun each cashed in the tourney.

The next PBA event in the area will be in two weeks when the senior tour makes its way to Delphos.

By Jack Hammill

[email protected]

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