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Dying tree brings new life to Pandora park

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PANDORA — Pandora Village Park can soon boast a new addition, an approximately 18-foot-high Pandora-Gilboa Local Schools rocket carved into a dying elm tree.The large elm was dying from disease, and treatment costs would be very expensive and would leave no guarantees, Pandora Police Chief Scott Stant said, so the village decided to cut it down.When Andrew Davis of Tree Tech started his second day of work on the tree on Friday, he was told to stop cutting and leave the log standing, he said. Stant called Mayor John Schlumbohm and, after some discussion, decided to carve the school mascot into the tree, as the tree is close to the school’s football field.Read more about this story in Wednesday’s The Lima News.


An early Labor Day, the forgotten holiday

When it comes to holidays, this past Monday’s barely cracks the top 10 for most people. After all, with such stiff competition coming from the likes of Mac Daddies like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Independence Day and Valentine’s Day, followed closely by Mother’s and Father’s days and Memorial Day, what does Labor Day really have to offer?

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Letter: Obama’s actions leave many questions

By the headlines in the newspapers you would think that Israel is “the terrorist.”Israel has for years put up with relentless rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, an area that Israel generously gave over to the Palestinians in a peace deal nine years ago. Instead of peace, the Palestinians have turned their government over to the terrorist group, Hamas, who in their charter calls for the destruction of Israel and Christians. You would think that a good start to any peace...

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Letter: Holding UNOH students responsible

It is time Lima Police Department officers and Allen County Sheriff’s deputies start issuing tickets to University of Northwestern Ohio students who violate the law on our public thoroughfares.The current trend with UNOH drivers using “black smoke” vehicles, running bikers off the road, trashing the sides of our reservoirs and extremely bad driving habits need to be confronted before innocent people are killed.

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Letter: Still waiting on that lucky day

Recently, I needed to cut the grass on one of these hot and humid days so in an attempt to avoid cutting in the direct sun, I waited for some approaching clouds.Within five minutes after starting, the sun came back out fully and stayed until I was done and dripping in sweat. After placing the mower back in the shed, it clouded back up!I have some clover in the yard but you can bet not one is a four-leaf clover!

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Letter: Obama is anti-biblical

Bruce Hodges’ letter to the editor published Aug. 20 titled “President has compassion” is, if not blasphemous, then hypocritical at best.Hodges erroneously cited biblical principles to back up his premise.When one observes President Barack Obama’s unwillingness to accommodate America’s four-century long religious conscience protection through his attempts to require Catholics to go against their own doctrines and beliefs, one is tempted to s...

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Letter: Renaming of stadium damaging

They say that to see a person’s character, give them a little power.It is, therefore, especially sad to see the “Spartan Pride” supporters trampling over history and drowning out the voices of compromise and reason like some howling lynch mob.Can they not see the damage they are doing with their self-absorbed and divisive actions? I am certain there will be countless times in the months and years ahead when the Lima City School District will require the...

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: US fighters in enemy ranks raise tough questions

AUG. 29, 2014 — The death last week of U.S. citizen Douglas McAuthur McCain while fighting for the Islamic State and the reported presence of more than 100 Americans in similar roles on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria raise prickly issues for the U.S. government and the public.The first concern is the normal one for parents and friends of these Americans. They face a loss, from the person’s absence or even death. They also may be perplexed why their loved one abandone...

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Obama’s trumpet: The spittle strategyBy The Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewAUG. 31, 2014 — “If the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”— Corinthians.•ISIS decapitates American journalist James Foley.•ISIS marches 250 Syrian national soldiers, stripped to their underwear, into the desert and executes them. It later decapitates a Kurdish soldier.•ISIS...

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Tigers club Kluber, 12-1

CLEVELAND — David Price would like to forget everything about Aug. 27, maybe the ugliest game of his career.He erased some it from his memory.Price bounced back from an alarming start and Miguel Cabrera homered twice, hitting one of Detroit’s three homers off Cleveland’s Corey Kluber, as the Tigers rolled to a 12-1 win on Monday to slow the Indians’ climb in the standings.Price (13-10) gave up one run and eight hits in seven innings, mo...

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Dispute over barbecue ends in stabbing

LIMA — Maybe he shouldn’t have insulted her barbecue. At least not when the cook had been drinking.Police are still trying to sort out what exactly happened Sunday night when a Lima man was treated at the scene after being cut in the forehead during a back-yard barbecue gone wrong. The woman who stabbed him faces formal charges today.Just before 8 p.m. Sunday, officers from the department had responded to an unrelated non-injury vehicle accident at the inters...

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Celebration of labor

LIMA — Mother Nature briefly tried to rain on Lima’s parade, literally, but after a brief shower, Lima’s Labor Day Parade started on schedule at North Main Street and Robb Avenue, making its way to Town Square.Since its revival in 1982, the Labor Day Parade has traditionally marked the end of Lima’s parade season, including such events as the Irish Parade, the Memorial Day Parade and the Allen County Fair Parade. Despite the short rainfall, area unions and o...

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More than 150 rally in support of Beavercreek police

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio — An estimated 150 to 200 people gathered at the Beavercreek Walmart parking lot on Sunday in support of the city police department following an officer-involved shooting earlier this month.Beavercreek Police Department supporters said they were sympathetic toward law enforcement officers who routinely risk their lives and personal safety for the community.Sunday’s rally marked the most recent organized event related to the shooting death of...

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The winners: The Lima News’ 18th annual Amateur Photo Competition

LIMA —The winners of The Lima News’ 18th annual Amateur Photo competition were recently announced. Today, the Abstract and Animals categories appear.PHOTO EXHIBITWHAT: The Lima News’ 18th annual Amateur Photo CompetitionWHEN: Thursday through end of yearWHERE: Thursday through Sept. 26 at ArtSpace/Lima downtown; after that, St. Rita’s Medical Center High Street Mall Gallery through end of yearONLINE: Visit www.lima...

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Make a disaster plan for your pets today

A tornado strikes your town. A fire or flood destroys your home. In light of the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the California Napa Valley, how prepared are you for your family if a disaster strikes? Does your emergency plan include protecting your pets?The likelihood that you and your pets will survive an emergency situation depends greatly on your preparedness. Whether you decide to stay put in an emergency or evacuate to a safer location, you will need to make plans in adva...

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Put-in-Bay police under investigation

PUT-IN-BAY, Ohio (AP) — Allegations of unlawful arrests and heavy-handed tactics against police in the Lake Erie island resort town of Put-in-Bay are being investigated by a county sheriff and a state agency.Numerous complaints from residents and business owners on South Bass Island sparked the investigation into the police department, said Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick.While the sheriff would not reveal details about the investigation, island residents ha...

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Property taxing code enforcement

LIMA — Confusion about who is responsible for maintaining property during foreclosure or bankruptcy proceedings is putting an added burden on Lima’s code enforcement.In the limbo of the foreclosure process, many property owners incorrectly believe they no longer have the responsibility for their property’s maintenance issues. Lawns become overgrown, weeds spread, and other maintenance issues lead to further deterioration of the home. This deterioration can also lo...

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Kasich detractors’ options dwindle

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — So you’re among the half of Ohio voters who weren’t planning to vote for John Kasich. What now?With the Republican governor’s Libertarian and tea party foes sidelined and his Democratic rival’s campaign disintegrating, pundits and partisans find themselves wondering what path non-Kasich supporters will choose on Election Day. They could skip over the race between Kasich and embattled Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald, throw thei...

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