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Commissioners shut down booking Memorial Hall

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LIMA — The Allen County commissioners have shut down rentals and leases of Memorial Hall.The Civic Center’s board is now directed to “manage rentals on the book at a different location,” according to Commissioner Jay Begg.The “different location” is still unclear to officials, as groups such as the Allen County Veterans Food Pantry are looking for other places to offer services, said Cindy Wood, chief executive officer of Veterans Memorial Civic Center.


Chicago Tribune: Why you need a vacation

AUG. 18 — Just before he flew off to Martha’s Vineyard for a two-week vacation, President Barack Obama fielded some questions about the U.S. military campaign against Islamic State militants in Iraq. We imagine that he also had Syria (rebels besieged in Aleppo), Afghanistan (election recount debacle), Ukraine (plane shot down, Russian troops lurking), West Africa (Ebola epidemic spreading fast), Libya (militias rampaging), Iran (nuclear negotiations floundering), Obamacare (court ...

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Letter: Skip the career politician in 2014 election

Seventy-five days until the Nov. 4 statewide election and I have a skip in my step.Eric Cantor, an obvious career politician, thought he had his campaign wrapped up, but lost. That gave the Bo Huenke campaign for Ohio state representative determined energy.The 66,000 voters in Allen County should realize what they will inherit if they once again pencil in my opponent, a career politician, for state representative. There are 40,000 noncommitted voters in Allen County regi...

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Letter: Future not looking bright

Last week, The Lima News wrote a piece about the weather. Last month, I wrote a piece about the economy. Interestingly, the weather was a major component of my long-term economic forecast.You see, the Earth is moving into a cooling cycle that some scientists have dubbed a mini ice age. By 2025, temperatures will be about 12 degrees cooler than normal.While some may say that’s fine, farmers will be struggling with crop failures year after year. Thar’s because ...

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Letter: Downtown murals are enriching

In Cincinnati, we have enriched the city with wonderful displays of public art murals throughout the city on walls, which capture the spirit and history of our great community.Artworks, a nonprofit group, has engaged the skills of talented artists to paint on selected walls, subject matter that highlights history, people events, and collages of objects related to businesses in the downtown district. To see some of the murals go to to see how the collab...

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Letter: Water problems ignored by GOP

It was interesting to read Jim Jordan talk about issues, including the recent outbreak of algae on the western basin of Lake Erie that shut down Toledo for a few days.He also mentioned Grand Lake St. Marys but that is “a little different, being for recreation and outdoor activities.”I wonder if Jordan and a lot of his other counterparts just don’t know or need to be told that Celina gets its drinking water from Grand Lake. Thanks to an aggressive progra...

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Letter: Truck driver deserves thank-you

On Aug. 4, my husband and I were driving south on Metcalf Street when suddenly he pulled over into and across the entry/exit to the parking lot of the Husky Refinery saying he didn’t feel well. He thought he was going to pass out.When he stopped the car, I started to get out and a truck came up and wanted to leave the lot. I yelled to the driver that my husband was sick. The gentleman immediately got out of his truck and asked if he could help. He asked my husband to say and ...

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Letter: A thank-you to donors

As most nonprofit organizations, we have an empty treasury. Our fundraiser, “Treasure Hunt with Your Dog” went very well. We thank the people who came out to support our cause. Tail wags to all.We have two important programs for the benefit of our community, a pet food bank for senior citizens and people in need, and a low cost spay/neuter clinic for feral cats.If anyone would care to donate, you may send donations to A Lotta Love Pet Rescue, P.O. Box 637, Li...

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Portion of St. Marys River turns red

ST. MARYS — St. Marys residents who happened to be near the St. Marys River Thursday need not fear that an apocalyptic event was taking place.St. Marys Safety-Service Director Greg Foxhoven reported that an industrial equipment failure at a business on McKinley Road led to about 55 gallons of food-grade red dye being dumped into the city’s wastewater system. The water was then discharged into the river, as all finished water is that leaves the facility. The dye turned a...

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OSU thinks defensive line can dominate

COLUMBUS – They were the first to announce that the 2006 national championship game was going to be a nightmare, not a night to remember for Ohio State.Florida’s defensive line, led by Derrick Harvey and Jarvis Moss, dominated Ohio State’s offensive line, sacked Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith five times and played a big role in the Gators’ 41-14 win that night in suburban Phoenix.Urban Meyer never had a defensive line that good again at Florida ...

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Allen Supertrot postponed

The Allen County Supertrot and all Harness Racing in the grandstand scheduled for Thursday has been postponed until 1 p.m Sunday due to the wet racetrack.The officials and horses will be returning and pari-mutuel wagering will be available.

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Farmers claim to be ‘doing their part’

LIMA — A farmer from Paulding County says that farmers are just as interested in finding solutions causing algae outbreaks in some of Ohio’s waterways.Fingers are pointed, often toward farmers, said Terry McClure, a fifth-generation Ohio farmer who owns 3,800 acres in the Grover Hill area. He uses rotational no-till, to not disturb the soil structure with deep plowing. McClure also uses cover crops, plants grown to maintain soil quality. They’re known to reduce ru...

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Close-knit family celebrates longevity

OTTAWA — “Everybody should have a family like ours,” Ruth Giesige said of her family, which now has six of nine siblings ages 80 and older.After Giesige’s sister, Irene Flynn, turned 80 on July 28, Giesige, Flynn and four of their other siblings have hit the 80 mark.Giesige is 92 years old and the oldest of Arnold and Millie Lauer’s nine children, eight of whom are alive today.Arnold and Millie Lauer had most of their children in ...

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Regatta more than just racing

CELINA — Feel the need for speed? If so, Celina is the place to be this weekend during the 2014 Governor’s Cup Regatta Saturday and Sunday, bringing together more than 60 hydroplane boats from the U.S. and Canada to test their mettle on Grand Lake St. Marys.“You’ll see speeds up to 150 miles per hour,” event co-chair Scott Anderson said. “I equate it to sprint cars on the water. The rooster tails that the boats put out can get up to 70 feet high ...

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St. Marys to celebrate blues at K.C. Geiger Park

ST. MARYS — St. Marys will be singing the blues Saturday to help raise some green during the 2014 Riverside Bluesfest.“The first one was in 2007,” Chris Botkin of the St. Marys Blues Guild said. “It’s for the benefit of K.C. Geiger Park.”The one-day-only show will feature six bands, including the Shane Dwight Band, the Bart Walker Band and Liz Mandeville and the Blue Points. While these names may not be tearing up mainstream radio, the...

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Gypsy Mystique brings belly dancing to Wapakoneta

WAPAKONETA — The Wapakoneta Knights of Columbus Hall will take on a more exotic flair Saturday during the fifth annual Gypsy Mystique Belly Dance and Variety Show starting at 7 p.m.While the show itself will take up two to three hours that evening, there will be workshops and other events taking place throughout the day.“We have classes starting in the afternoon for those who would like to belly dance or learn more about belly dancing,” event organizer ...

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Harimo-cho students visit

LIMA — Visitors from Lima’s sister city, Harima-cho, Japan, began their six-day trip to Lima with, among other activities, a visit to North Middle School.Five students and six adults flew in Wednesday night, according to Sandra Liechty, co-chair of the Japan Committee of the Lima Sister City Association. The group will visit a variety of places in Lima, including Alter Ego Comic Book Shop, Rhodes State College, St. Rita’s Medical Center and the Allen County Museum...

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One dead after Hardin County crash

HARDIN COUNTY — A Wednesday night crash left one dead in Roundhead Township, according to the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office.At 9:01 p.m., 911 operators received a call reporting the crash in the 18000 block of state Route 117. Prior to the crash, Danielle Danieu, of Hardin County, was backing a commercial vehicle into a private drive when the trailer was struck by Bernard Hughes, of Lakeview, who was traveling south at the time of the crash.Hughes was pronou...

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