Letter: St. Rose gym a special house

It started with a post on Twitter from an old friend stating this was the last game at St. Rose gym. At the time I was confused about the context until I read Bob Seggerson’s guest column in The Lima News.

“My gym” would be coming down.

The lessons and stories in that gym are too many in number for this format. However, I am who I am today because of that building and that school. Names like Fetzer, Coon, Gelo, Schimpf and even Finn (my father and mother in particular) impacted me and I think many others in that gym. At the center of it all was Bob Burns, whose name would later be displayed on the front of it and one I have never forgotten.

To me the St. Rose gym symbolizes many things like faith, family, hard work, commitment and sacrifice. It was more than just basketball, although that was by far my fondest of memories. The time people put into that gym for sports was tremendous. However, people also volunteered and sacrificed their time to coach, set up and run bingo, work festivals, perform holiday musicals and plays, science fairs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and wellness classes.

About five years ago my brother and I attended the St. Rose festival. We made our way into the gym and sure enough there was a basketball. At the time I remember thinking, “I am going to make one last shot.”

I will miss her but her lessons will live on. I am now a teacher and coach and I owe it to what I learned in that building. Coach Segg is correct, “Godspeed, job well done.”

Brian Finn, New Albany

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