Letter: Be cautious about rights

With all the furor over President Trump’s orders about immigration and race in general, we can forget that we have a legal responsibility to be cautious about giving certain groups political rights in our country.

“Hold it,” you may say, “everyone has a right to have a say!” But, for instance, if a communist got influence it would be his responsibility to weed out every other political party. His job would be to eliminate his competition.

In short, electing a communist would not just threaten our freedoms by giving power to one who might use it to limit our freedoms. It would willingly risk changing our political system.

This leads to my main point, which I will make as delicately as possible. A good Muslim has the responsibility to force everyone to follow sharia, Islamic law. We like to think a Muslim president would be moderate and refrain from expecting everyone to follow sharia. Electing a Muslim would be to purposely abandon principles such as religious freedom that our country was built on, or at least flirt with the danger of them being ignored.

Gavin McKinley, Ada

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