Letter: Wonderful to have neighbor like Kevin

We are thankful for Kevin, a wonderful north side neighbor. We have lived here for 57 years, which means we are in our 80s. There are several people in the neighborhood who are around the same age.

Kevin and his nice family moved in our neighborhood about 10 years ago. He is always willing to help anyone. Some have lost their spouses and he just takes over.

Kevin also takes care of a well able-bodied family in the neighborhood that never mows, rakes or anything else. They just wait on a neighbor’s sympathy. My husband helped this family for many years and gave them a lawnmower and the gas (with no thanks.)

We want to thank Kevin today as well as his family for all of their help. I sincerely hope he is repaid for all his acts of kindness.

Our prayers and thoughts go to a selfless family.

John & Joyce Zerante, Lima


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