Letter: Why must we fight each other?

I will always be proud to be an American regardless of who our president is.

Our country is not defined by who our leader is, but rather defined by the citizens of this country on how we live, how we think, how we behave to each other. There will never be a day when everybody will agree completely on everything, but we cannot fight each other all the time when we disagree…we will destroy ourselves.

This is a reason why a president’s term is shorter so its not just one mind … one idea, but rather a variety of ideas. Iit makes us diverse. Diversity is a good thing.

As for the way people are fighting each other over Hillary not being president is ridiculous. This is not what she would want at all and you should seriously go listen to her concession speech. She not only describes our country perfectly, she is a shining example of what being an American is. She even offered to help Trump if he wanted it because this is bigger than than her and him and the debates. It’s about the United States of America … the collective voice of all states, all towns, all citizens.

Casey Bailey, Lima

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