Letter: World needs more employers like this

Sometimes we are hit with challenges that deter us from our path to happiness. Recently for me it has been a second heart attack that hit me a week ago and a breast cancer diagnosis three weeks before that.

Being hit by this all at once has been quite the shock and a little unnerving. My family has been a great support system and many of my friends have voiced their prayers and thoughts for me and for that I’m very thankful.

Before I was hit with all my sudden health problems I had been hired by a family to be the GM of one of their stores going up here in Lima. The Fetters, owners of Buffalo Wings and Rings, have been such an amazing family. I was worried that my health issues may have made them uncomfortable about their decision to have me as their GM, but it’s been quite the contrary. They have showed me so much support and so much love that I am beyond grateful.

I have worked for several other businesses for years and no one has showed as much appreciation and support for me as much as the Fetters have. I don’t know how I could ever show them my gratitude, but I feel the need to let everyone know just how wonderful this family and company is.

To the Fetter Family, I am inspired and grateful for your compassion and love for all your employees and the love that you show everyone who crosses your path. But I am more grateful for the fact that you still choose to have me as your GM. I hope that God blesses you guys continuously throughout your process of all your new stores.

The world needs more of you!

Trish Yarbrough, Lima

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