Letter: Baffled by Trump supporters

As the presidential race heads into the last seven weeks, there are more Trump signs showing up in Northwest Ohio. I am trying to understand how people can look at this guy’s record and think he would make a good president. I have come to the realization that many of the people supporting him are merely looking for a change and are enamored by his racist, bigoted views and don’t really care what his election would do to the country.

How could any thinking person possibly believe that a guy with absolutely no political experience, unless you count when he buys political influence, would be a good choice as president? I believe the reason for their choice is because they hate Hillary Clinton that much and are not so much voting for Trump as against Clinton.

I would hope that before these Trump supporters cast their vote that they take a refresher course in civics to familiarize themselves in how the government actually works. This way, if the worst case scenario happens and Trump becomes president, they’ll be able to call him out when he doesn’t follow the Constitution and tries to run the country like one of his failed businesses.

— Larry Donaldson, Elida

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