Letter: An open letter to Hillary Clinton

Since you are running for the top spot in the U.S., I have some questions.

Can you tell me how I can, like you did, invest $1,000 and get returns of $100,000 in cattle futures?

How much were you renting the Lincoln Bedroom for, and who rented it?

Why do you back Planned Parenthood that is paid for with our tax dollars, and their president earns $600,000 annually to assassinate babies?

Did you use “pay for play” when you received a salary and now a retirement and influence donors to enrich your charity?

Will your term be a third Obama term, with $10 trillion more debt and a huge new government system?

About the emails, do you believe that we believe that you did not recall answers to the FBI, or is this some form of senility? How do you say “there was only one device” when there were actually 13 devices used?

You state “you are for women” but not all women! You called Monica Lewinsky a “bimbo” and Paula Jones “trailer trash.”

What did you mean about Benghazi with your statement “four guys were out for a walk and decided to kill some Americans”? Your answer was “what difference at this point does it make?”

The friendly “red button deal” with Russia, did you profit in any way by selling 20 percent of American uranium to Russia?

Your cronies say you are “very available to the press.” You haven’t had a press conference in over 250 days, and I saw you turn your back and ignore reporters when they tried to question you.

The public is looking for answers.

Melida Bockrath


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