Letter: Trump, voice of the people

Trump is saying what half of the country believes and wants to hear. When comparing our choices, the difference is astounding.

Unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donald Trump is authentic, determined, persistent, fearless and a very successful business entrepreneur. Best of all, he is not a professional politician. He’s an outsider, like the rest of us, not beholden to anyone like special interest groups.

Most impressive is his presidential campaign. He speaks “to” the people, not “at” the people. He creates emotion and passion in Americans because he is not giving us the same ol’ Washington crap from old politics and cronies.

With the economy usually being the most important factor, we need a talented deal-maker. It would be difficult to find someone with as much business skill and tenacity as Donald Trump.

And at this point in history, we also need a strong leader to not only draw a line in the sand but someone with enough strength and integrity to stand behind what he says. Other countries see America as weak, and that’s not OK with me.

Don’t be distracted with tax returns and medical reports; concentrate on who will keep us safe, who will control the budget, who will bring more jobs and better policies. Please keep in mind, this is not a campaign for sainthood.

Has he made some blunders? We all do. Are you jealous of his money? Don’t be. He may be rich and spoiled, but at least he does not have the history of deceit, self-enrichment, and corruption that is evident with Clinton. I am a Democrat at heart but this year with their candidate, no way. Vote Trump/Pence to help renew our country.

Marilyn Gratz


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