Trump family’s wordshelped earned vote

Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice. I was upset about things that he said, but after the Republican convention and hearing his wife and his kids speak, I have a new respect for him.

If he can raise a family that is as caring, articulate and accomplished as they are, he must have some special qualities and capabilities.

This country is in dire need of someone who takes Americans’ needs first. We welcome other countries to our shores, but they must follow our laws. They are free to follow their religion as long as they don’t conflict with our existing laws. No Sharia law!

I have a son in the military and at this point it really does matter to me and the families of the four brave Americans that died in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton is not fit to lead our military or our country.

Vote your own conscious, but for me and my house, we are voting for Donald Trump.

Kathy Hennessy-Ball


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