Letter: Have some pride and don’t litter

Sunday evening after it cooled off I took off for a walk, going north on Pratt Street and proceeded around the “Phillips block” in the east part of Ottawa.

As I often do, I took along an empty plastic bag to put litter in should I come up on much. Going east on 11th Street I picked up a few items (litter) and turned and headed south on Agner Street. Not much litter until I arrived at where Tawa Creek runs under Agner. There on and down the south east bank was a heap of newspapers, mostly advertisements. I picked up all that I could reach (my walking stick was helpful) and all that I could cram into the bag and another smaller ice bag I found nearby.

Someone seems to target this area and another south of the south Oak Street bridge on regular basis. Both are or near good wildlife cover. Like anyone else, I would like to get my walks in without having to pick up after dimwitted sub-humans. It is sad that we have people (military and police) fighting and losing life and limbs for our country while some of our (citizens) are too lazy to even properly dispose of their waste in a proper manner.

— Carl E. Westrick, Ottawa

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