Letter: Holding my nose, voting for Trump

The Saturday, August 6, letter to the editor has me agreeing with Mary Squires on all things about Donald Trump with two exceptions.

She has many things right. He is a bad choice for president. The one thing worse than Trump is Hillary, an AWFUL choice. She will fill the Supreme Court with left leaning liberals and follow Obama’s terrible presidency. We have two bad choices to vote for, and the lesser of the two bad ones is Trump. Hillary is a proven liar about many things and who was careless with our country’s secrets. That along with evidence about her many lies disqualifies her as president.

As for the immigration issue, Trump wants to know who and why someone is coming into our country. That’s not bad. Let us vet them, so we know who they are and why they are coming. If there are no problems, they can enter legally. This country is our home and no one lets just anyone into our house not knowing who they are and why they are there.

One more thing: What about the word illegal do people not understand? Illegal is illegal. We are a country of laws. Illegal is against our laws. Illegals don’t deserve our country’s benefits which we legals pay for continually. Come in legally and we will welcome anyone with open arms.

As for voting, I will hold my nose and vote for Trump.

— Frances Strayer, Elida

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