Letter: Electing Trump would be scary

Mr. Trump is not is not for the American people, he is for himself. He uses people for his own benefit. He sends his business overseas and pays people very little who make his goods. He could have created jobs for Americans, but he didn’t want to pay our labor costs. He takes us for fools. He was born with a silver spoon.

Has Trump or any of his children served in the military? My husband, daughter, son-in-law and grandson have served our country. I am very proud of all of them.

Things that come from Mr. Trump will hurt all of us, like keeping out Mexican people and Muslims. Is he going to keep out others, like people from China, Japan and other countries? Our ancestors came from other countries. Are we all next? Our forefathers and others gave their lives for us.

Don’t let Mr. Trump take our freedom from us. He will be a dictator. He is a hot head and doesn’t think things out. He’ll put us at war. Look what he said about Mr. Khan and family, whose son gave his life for all of us. Trump doesn’t think before he speaks.

— Mary Squires, Lima

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