Excuse me for breathing

The difference between the yearly wages of a useful American who clean floors or restaurant tables, and of one whose job is signing worthless paper that converts abstractions such as “speculation” into unverifiable cash, is roughly $5...

Letter: ‘Historic’ courthouse a historic pigeon roost

Today there was another article in The Lima News about the decision our county commissioners are trying to make concerning the preservation of our historic courthouse.

Letter: Why Celina is better than Van Wert

This letter is being written on Thursday evening. My husband and I went to the Van Wert County Fairgrounds to feed the cats as we have been doing for more than four years.

Letter: No fun being football widow

Rebuttal to David Trinko, “A Football Ransom Note,” Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014:“Don’t tell anyone else about this, or we may not return your loved ones safely to you.”

Letter: Businesses should return calls

Why businesses don’t return phone calls?1. No time?2. Can’t be bothered?3. Job too small?4. Don’t care?5. You have blue eyes?6. Don’t need a reference?

Letter: Civic Center our new home?

Wait a minute!Since Veterans Services has been evicted from the Memorial Hall, why wouldn’t it be offered all the space it needs in the Veterans Memorial Civic Center?Seems like the obvious solution to me.

Letter: Allen County Fair too costly

We love the Allen County Fair. We have always enjoyed taking our children, then in later years the grandchildren.This is the first time in 25 years that we have not gone to the fair at least one day. Why? Because of the cost.

Letter: GMOs to blame for toxic water

Our polluted waters in Ohio are not from climate change or fracking of natural gas. It is because of Monsanto’s genetically modified organisms, chemicals and pesticides that our farmers are using.

Letter: Common Core must be retained

I was astounded to read (The Lima News, July 29) that state Rep. Matt Huffman hopes to repeal the Common Core Standards. The Ohio State Department of Education has spent four years of dedicated work with Ohio schools, administrators and teachers...

Letter: School lunches must be healthy

With the new school year, parents’ attention is turning to school lunches.


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