Editorial: Ohio should follow Michigan on Lake Erie issue

Sandusky Register

We think Ohio Gov. John Kasich should take a good look at the decision by the Michigan environmental protection agency to designate all of Lake Erie as impaired, which could trigger tens of millions of dollars in federal funding for preservation and restoration of the lake.

Ohio’s designation is limited to the Lake Erie shoreline as being impaired, but it’s vague and unclear why the Ohio EPA is resisting a fuller designation the state of Michigan has made.

Kasich should prod the EPA to make its reasons for resisting the broader designation more clear, and be more transparent in doing so.

The dreaded alga bloom has indeed impaired the lake so much so it cratered water quality production in Toledo in 2015, shutting down treatment plants. But there are other factors impacting water quality in the Lake and threatening it’s well being.

Pesticides and fertilizers for farms and lawn care, waste treatment facilities on both sides of the lake, including Detroit’s, sewer line and stormwater runoff, all are contributing factors…

Kasich and state legislators need to be the innovators and the leaders creating that aggressive legislation needed to protect the state’s greatest natural resource, and building the cooperation across the region to ensure the best future possible for the Great Lakes.

Sandusky Register

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