Letter: Mr. Huffman, Let’s drain the swamp

Our State Senator-elect and current State Representative (when are we going to “drain the swamp?”) Matt Huffman had some interesting observations in The Lima News.

He says we should change the way we measure our schools. He says parents’ main concern about our schools is “not academics”, it’s about “safety, atmosphere, or environment.” That sounds like code words for “I don’t want my children going to school with those people.”

We can’t hold them financially accountable. My school’s treasurer has to make five-year budget projections twice a year. Charter schools wouldn’t know a five-year budget if it bit them in the butt.

If their school enrollment was a book, you would find it in the fiction section of the public library. And daily attendance at the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) is totally unverifiable. Imagine taking Home Room attendance and then never checking to see if anyone goes to class.

Huffman’s observations on health care are equally interesting. Apparently we are spending more on health care than what it is worth. And at the same time doctors and other medical providers are not being fully compensated. That sounds like grand theft and he should turn his evidence over to the FBI. And after talking to people in OSU’s medical school, they aren’t aware of any down turn in Med school applicants.

AS for 40 million abortions, was that last week, last year, or last millennium? If he is that concerned about abortions then he shouldn’t get his feathers ruffled when the need for sex education or birth control is discussed. And finally, his idea that abortions are the reason for a worker shortage sounds like something out of the Flat Earth Society.

Clarence C. Roller, Lima

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