Letter: Tough luck, Big Daddy

Our newly elected president would not qualify as a prospective Sunday school teacher, but undoubtedly millions of farmers, mechanics, military veterans, and especially evangelicals agreed that he could possibly be the right person to help restore our traditional political and economic stamina to make America great again.

Against unprecedented opposition he embodied the idea that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Defying most polls and facing the massive ardent forces from some of the good old boys in Washington and a radically biased left-wing media, he stood as a stalwart champion for America’s hard-working men and women who yearn for decent employment to support their families.

Despite his short-comings, he exemplified strength and courage, thus urging young people to not become wimps, but to fight to the last hour to rescue our diminishing liberty and freedom from Big Daddy in Washington.

Harold Barker, Ada

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