Letter: This may be what our country needs

The results are in and the peopleee spoke. People wanted a change in Washington and Democrats gave us exactly what the people said they did not want.

There was one candidate who beat 16 (some say more worthy) candidates. Ponder, why did Trump win the primaries? He was a political outsider to the mess Washington has created for years. Not because of any rhetoric, but because the establishment, like myself, underestimated the power of the people.

People showed that all those other candidates were the very ones we were tired of and we vehemently rejected them all. He was the only person (besides Bernie) to tell the population he had plans to change this country for the better.

Why did he win the general election?

Hillary made promises about bringing four more years of our current political landscape that is not helping as many as they are hurting. Trump won with virtually no support from establishment and they spoke adamantly that he was not a good option for this country. I agree, Mr. Trump can come up abrasive and bigoted. However, when being asked about being politically correct, he noted, “I don’t, frankly, have time for total political correctness. And to be honest, this country doesn’t have time, either.”

Could this be something that our country needs?

An abrasive person who wants to bust down the establishment or did we want to see someone who was going to take a backseat to the real problems facing this nation? People of this country, you’re not going to leave. It is time to embrace change. We can “Make America Great Again” but only if we’re “Stronger Together”.

Antonio Crea, Lima


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