Letter: Tony Wobler the right choice

Putnam County commissioner candidate Mike Lammers pledged his support to the 6119 committee and helped write the bylaws. The bylaws were crafted at Lammers business with other members of this committee. One of the items in particular was a payment for attending training. It was stated that for four hours or less, a representative would receive $100. If they stayed for 4½ hours they would receive $200 plus meals and lodging. At that time there was as many or more than 10 petitioners. Each petitioner would have a representative. That representative could be an elected official. So if 10 representatives attended training for one week the cost would be $10,000. Then there was discussion about a salary for each of the board members that may be as high as $10,000 annually. Taxpayers would have to pay for this.

This was protecting our interests?

Only when he learned this would not be popular with the public did Lammers withdraw from the committee.

The thing that became apparent to me from the beginning was the impact this would have on those people that may live along the path of the sewer lines. If it came within 300 feet of a property then those individuals would be required to connect to it. The initial hookup fee could be $20,000 or more. The amount of money to install the line could average as much as $35 per foot. I don’t think it takes rocket science to determine that it would be quite costly.

Putnam County deserves a sound experienced leader like Tony Wobler for county commissioner.

— Charol Stechschulte, Columbus Grove

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