Letter: Trump is a modern version of Narcissus

Ancient Greek mythology tells of a young man named Narcissus, who having seen his reflection in a pool of water, was so overcome by his appearance, that he fell in love with himself. Fast forward to today, and you have the modern version in the person of Donald Trump.

He also has said that he is a counter-puncher. “You hit me, I will hit back twice as hard.” That may be an admirable quality in the boxing ring but is not acceptable in this nuclear age. World War III would happen quickly if he was insulted.

I think the majority of the American people are sensible enough to view him for what he truly is, a pathological liar and a bigot.

Following are a few examples of his ridiculous views: He questioned President Obama’s citizenship; he accused Ted Cruz’s father of being involved in the JFK assassination; he insulted John McCain for being a POW; his heroes are Saddam Hussein, Adolph Hitler, Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin; he criticized the judge in the Trump University scheme because of his Mexican heritage; he refuses to release his tax returns; he accused Obama and Hillary Clinton of being the founders of ISIS; he claims global warming is a hoax; he saw thousands of Muslims cheering as the World Trade Center was attacked; he will build a beautiful wall and make Mexico pay for it; he ridiculed and mocked a handicapped reporter; he has threatened to use nuclear weapons; after 50 people were killed in an Orlando nightclub, instead of expressing condolences, he tweeted “congrats to me for being right”; in response to Dwyane Wade’s cousin being shot, “I told you so.”

Jerry Stechschulte


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