Letter: Clean look needed for all candidates

The presidential candidates both need a clean look.

Hillary Clinton needs to come clean with American people.

Donald Trump, everything that comes out of his mouth he is putting down our great country, including the president, our generals, military, Mexicans, African-Americans and other people. Trump needs to come clean about his taxes, his dealing with Russia and how many people on his team who has ties with Russia.

What has Mr. Trump even given to our country which he hasn’t made money off of? Trump double talks; he would sell American people out in a minute. He already sold out American workers by having his products made in 12 other countries. Also by saying things about our generals and young men and women who give there lives everyday for our safety?

What has Mr. Trump done? Nothing.

Vote on Nov. 8 to keep our freedom and to keep this great country safe.

Mary Squires


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