Letter: Writer wants police apology

My name is Herb the Duckman known by many people. The reason for this is on Aug. 8, my home was surrounded by cops looking for a man who shot up a home on Kibby Street. I was not at home. I had gone to the store for my wife as she is handicapped. I returned and my neighbor told me of it. My grandson who lives with us told me about it. I called Lima Police Chief Kevin Martin to explain the situation. He told me that he was going to send a man to talk to me on Saturday four days later. The man never showed. So I called that Monday and got an excuse.

I am a disabled veteran plus I lost a brother. I have an American flag, MIA flag, a Vietnam vet flag, plus a pair of empty boots for MIAs. I belong to an MIA organization and send items to Dayton Hospital for veterans. After all of this I still went to Dayton for the picnic that we put on for the vets.

I am known around the world for my wood-carved ducks. I have met President Jimmy Carter, Sen. Al Gore Sr., Vice President Al Gore, Tennessee Gov. Ned McWherter, Pat Robinson, Dale Earnhardt, Dick Vital, Robin Roberts, Bob Edwards of NPR, Karl Hans of WCIV Cleveland. The mayor of Harima-cho, Japan, has a clock. Gov. George Wallace and many more. I am known in many states. My work is at Opryland and the Peabody Hotel, a five-star hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.

I have been in newspapers in Memphis, Tennessee, Nashville, Tennessee, Birmingham, Alabama, and Lima. I also have donated my work all around the area for cancer patients to help with bills.

The good lord has blessed me with my talent. I waited to write this for the sake of my four daughters and my brothers and three sisters.

If I did not have a family I would move to Germany. I speak German.

All I want is a personal apology from somebody.

— Herbert F. Sherrell


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