Letter: Minorities being fooled by Democrats

Everyone can spout the Democratic rhetoric we have heard for ages, and never changes. What would any minority have to lose by voting for Trump? What has the Democrat party done for them for years except to get their votes and offer them more of the same failures? Obama signed the omnibus spending bill into law in 2009, and buried in that bill was an amendment that killed the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program which allowed parents in failing, inner-city schools to send their children to better schools.

The Democrats use the race card effectively in every election by creating personal rage to what is being done to them: no jobs, high crime, failing schools, drug issues etc. This election cycle it is Black Lives Matter and is being magnified by Democratic candidates to build rage to turn out the black vote. Democrats use the same strategy every election cycle and win, meanwhile minority voters line up to vote for more of the same failed policies.

Look at the alternative which Trump offers. Follow laws tightening border control to reduce the number of illegals and gang members flooding our country and, allow legal immigration only. Cancel or rewrite TTP and TTIP trade policies which destroys our US sovereignty and jobs. Encourage manufacturing and other high paying jobs in the community that are favorable to the US. Change stifling regulatory laws that discourage openings of new businesses and it is clear who would offer the most hope for minorities.

Exactly who are the racists when Trump, not a polished politician, wants everyone to win? America wins when everyone succeeds!

— Linda Bishop, Findlay

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