Letter: Language in column divisive

I am writing to express my disappointment in the words of Mr Stratton in his recent article published in The Lima News.

I believe that many black and brown skinned citizens in Lima would agree with me that his language is divisive. By calling our president a “lawless Chicago thug,” he is perpetuating the racial divide in our country with language that harkens back to the days of “colored” water fountains. He likewise cites the Black Lives Matter movement, and its leaders advocating for the murder of police officers — a claim that is unfounded.

Mr. Stratton is obviously not fully educated about the mission of BLM, as it explicitly states : “We believe in the infinite worth of ALL humanity…and are committed to nonviolent resistance as opposition to racism for the sake of the Common Good.” It is obvious, in these words, that these “leaders” of the BLM are as misguided and useless to the cause as the cops who shoot unarmed black men out of racial hatred.

I implore, Mr. Stratton, to consider his position of influence and reflect on his words with greater gravitas the next time he writes an article for The Lima News.

— Miles Woodfield, Lima

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