Letter: Clinton, Trump both wind bags

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both saying what you want to hear. Their performance is like a two-ring circus. Do we need jokers as they cut each other down?

It isn’t about them. It is about the American people and our country.

We need serious people in the White House. And what Clinton did. If we would have done it we would have gone to jail or prison. Why is she getting away with this? She sugar coats everything she did.

What do you think?

One of these days she will stand before God. She won’t make excuses then. And what she did to Trump, putting that “paid for” sketch on TV. That isn’t right.

We should be careful who we vote for. If we want a great nation we have to have God in it. Most of our Presidents prayed nd looked up to God. We can’t do it on our own power. Only God’s helping hands. We all need a change of heart not hate but love.

— Arlene Lee Bachman, Van Wert

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