Letter: Only Trump signs coming up missing

Even though in past elections political signs have been stolen out of people’s yards, it doesn’t make it the right.

Police also shouldn’t overlook it!

Stealing is still theft. There is a law against stealing big or small. Both an earthly law and a heavenly law. “Thou shalt not steal” is one of the oldest laws on earth given to Moses by God! Thieves go to prison for stealing.

This election year, I have seen three Trump campaign signs come up missing out of yards. It has been only Trump signs. The other Republican candidates’ signs have been left in the yards. Not only here in Allen County but in other counties and cities too. One was in Miami County’s Tipp City. And the other two were here in Allen County. These three I personally saw and know of. But I have also been told that others have been taken all over the area.

It is time that something is said about this problem and even a prank of stealing is against the law.

Oh, I forgot! The Democrats are above the law since their presidential candidate and her husband seem to be above the law.

It’s time people wake up and really see what is going on. Even as small as political signs being stolen out of private yards. It is still theft.

And something needs to be done about it.

— Jane Painter, Lima

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