Letter: Moving parade good for kids

I am disappointed to see complaints concerning the change in the date for the Allen County Fair parade. The major portion of the fair relates to hundreds of students in various organizations (FFA, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.) showcasing projects they have worked diligently on to present and be graded upon during the fair. Personally, I have continuously had children exhibiting projects including, but not limited, to livestock since 1997. My youngest children still continue to exhibit through FFA and 4-H. Part of their responsibilities during the fair are to participate in the shows where they will be judged for their projects.

Having the parade on Saturday morning during the fair prohibits many Junior Fair students from participating in the fair parade. Having the parade the weekend prior to the fair, allows all students who exhibit the opportunity to fully participate in the parade as well as handling their responsibilities at the fair. Knowing that the parade will be prior to the fair, these students and their clubs can prepare more fully to participate in the parade increasing the exhibits in the parade as well as allowing them more camaraderie between clubs.

As for the change in the parade route as well as the issue of candy not being permitted to be thrown, these having nothing to do with the fair staff who organize the fair parade. They are City of Lima rules, and most parades (outside the City of Lima) also have the ‘no throwing candy’ rule.

— Janice Ditto, Delphos

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