Letter: Stratton’s knock on Obama disgusting

I’d like to thank The Lima News for publishing Don Stratton’s guest column, “Trumpwants support of FOP; Hillary doesn’t care.” (Aug. 27th). If one were looking for evidence in support of the thesis that police culture in this country is racist against African-Americans, one could hardly do better than this retired police inspector’s piece – a foaming-at-the-mouth racist diatribe worthy of Pap Finn.

In his editorial, Stratton refers to President Barack Obama as a “lawless Chicago thug.” Perhaps here Stratton is taking his cue from NRA darling Ted Nugent, who has referred to our president as a “subhuman mongrel”?

I don’t know who disgusts me more, the abominable Stratton or the editor that gives this blatant racist column space.

— Dr. Kelly Anspaugh, Ada

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