Letter: Cloverdale fines lack common sense

Margaret Cleaves, Elida

Kick ‘em while they are down.

Cloverdale had a disastrous tornado pass through the little town in November 2012. The Catholic church was completely demolished, the rectory damaged beyond repair, and other homes wrecked or badly damaged.

The mayor of the town undoubtedly saved lives by alerting the residents and telling them to go to shelter in the community building basement, this building was damaged but those taking shelter were safe.

The fines should be levied on the Ohio State Auditor’s office for not supplying Cloverdale with the uniform accounting system for four and one half months. The residents needed immediate help, not a wait to see if the federal or state government officials would come to their aid.

Money was undoubtedly spent in humanitarian aid and after a tornado probably the many people who offered help did not think about giving the fiscal officer a receipt. Now the state auditor is fining the town $1,000 for each receipt not produced. Where is the common sense?

Margaret Cleaves, Elida

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