Letter: Don’t surrender your choice to others

I am a little taken aback at how the media is blamed, as well as credited, for the candidates’ airtime. It’s no secret that some networks are biased. But voters have determined who will run for the highest office in the United States — not FOX, CNN or Rush Limbaugh.

We live in a country that has free speech and offers choices. We can choose to watch one network and not the other. We can choose to read one publication and not the other. It’s a choice.

Do we want to live in a country where the government tells us who the best leader will be? Do we want to live in a country where one candidate gets all of the credit and attention? I certainly hope not.

In the early 1930s , we voted in FDR and most people never saw him. They listened on the radio and made their choice. In 1860, voters chose Lincoln through his appearances and through newspapers.

The world has changed.

In 1960, television changed American politics forever. John Kennedy looked better on TV. It won him that very close election. In 1980, we had a charismatic actor who ran for office in Ronald Reagan. He won two terms decisively. It’s been this way for 56 years. Today, it’s further complicated by massive social media. But let’s stop being the overweight young adult who blames his or her obesity on television commercials. Lets stop being the hardened criminal that blames violent movies for his or her prison time. Yes, the world has changed. But Americans still have choices.

— Kelly Gossman, Ada

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