Letter: Putnam County needs Tony Wobler

Nancy Goeede, Columbus Grove

Putnam County needs Tony Wobler for our commissioner in November.

Tony Wobler is more than qualified for making the hard decisions. Tony Wobler believes in being honest and working hard; shows others the right thing to do. Tony Wobler brings an ability to communicate, to organize, to manage, and unite others. Tony Wobler will always follow up on processes to ensure issues are performed accurately.

As a Republican I cannot in good faith vote for Republican candidate Mike Lammers for county commissioner so I will be voting for Tony Wobler.

My reasons include Mike Lammers’ confrontational escapades during the 2015 and 2016 Putnam County Fairs. Lammers was constantly confronting people who were wearing Tony Wobler shirts and especially people he knew were voting for Tony Wobler, plus bothering people who did not want to talk to Lammers.

And, most of all, Lammers’ involvement being on the 6119 board and helping draw up the bylaws. An indication of how Lammers presents himself is like a grizzly bear on the attack. Lammers’ attitude was evident at the regional 6119 meeting in Miller City; shouting out to a Kalida trustee; then proceeded to tell Lammers plan; which is to form a property owners committee, purchase property, drill wells. And supply better water to people.

We must not forget Mike Lammers helped set up the 6119 agenda and its bylaws. It sure does sound like Lammers wants to control people’s water, why and at what cost.

And last but not least I will be voting for Donald Trump. He is what America needs. No one should ever vote for Hillary Never forget Benghazi.

Nancy Goeede, Columbus Grove

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