Letter: Coverage was fair and balanced

Kudos to The Lima News for being fair and balanced in addressing the Republican speech given by Mike Pence. It continually amazes me that people want to attribute responsibilities to the presidency that are not in the wheelhouse. Championing women’s causes and caring for children are not federal issues, but belong to the state governments.

Donald Trump is an astonishing businessman who has turned a million dollars into billions of dollars creating jobs for thousands and building remarkable buildings and golf courses. He does not drink, he does not smoke, he does not do drugs. He has raised a remarkable family who are tops in their field. Even his ex-wife speaks highly of him.

Running this country is very much like running a business and he has already proven he is up to the task and well-equipped to lead us to be “great again.”

Thank you, Jim Krumel, for your column and Craig Kelly, for your clear assessment of the speech.

— Carolyn Harshbarger, Wapakoneta

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