Lima man rebuilds car twice

By Lance Mihm - [email protected]

LIMA — Gary Pahl, of Lima, has always had an interest in cars, and he particularly enjoys his 1940 Ford Coupe that he bought in 1960.

He enjoys it so much, in fact, that he has rebuilt it twice.

Pahl bought the car in 1960 from a man who was a refinery worker that had been relocated from Texas to Lima.

“His son was ready to go to college and his dad didn’t want to pay for it,” Pahl said. “So the car had to go to help pay for his college.”

Pahl rebuilt the car when the oldest of his two sons was just a baby. The two boys also enjoyed the car and they got the idea to rebuild it again in the 1980s.

“I had a lot of fun with it as a young man,” Pahl said. “I don’t think I would have ever got it done the second time if it wouldn’t have been for my two boys.”

The car is still stock on the outside, or as Pahl put it, “How Henry made it.” However, during its second rebuild modern amenities have been built in, such as air conditioning and an automatic transmission.

“We just wanted to make it a little more enjoyable to drive,” Pahl said.

Pahl said he had a chance to speak to the boy who had went off to college when Pahl bought the car from his father.

“I remember he was not too happy when his father sold the car,” Pahl said. “It was nice to speak to him after all those years.”

Pahl said the car his been driven and taken to show frequently since he bought it in 1960 and said it has held up extremely well.

By Lance Mihm

[email protected]

Reach Lance Mihm at 567-242-0409 or at [email protected]

Reach Lance Mihm at 567-242-0409 or at [email protected]

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