Land transfers

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 8 to Sept. 14. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 89 59 58

Mortgages 71 70 63

Mortgage cancellations 56 51 75

Financing statements 0 1 0


• Colan K. Ferguson and Debra A. Ferguson to Jesse Brown, 722 S. Pine St., Lima, $18,000.

• Jody E. Mueller to Kristi Resch, 2219 Wales Ave., Lima, $78,000.

• Raymond J. Offenbaker, Trustee of the Offenbaker Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Robert L. Martin and Helen M. Glasco, 2004 W. Wayne St., Lima, $91,000.

• Tyler Rauch and Andrea K. Rauch to Kenneth W. Merriman and Patricia A. Merriman, 926 Crestwood Drive, Lima, $63,000.

• James D. Rex, Judy J. Rex, James F. Neuenschwander, Linda J. Neuenschwander and Michael J. Rex to Jeremy Scott Boyer, 523 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $3,000.

• Constance J. Risser and Michael R. Risser to Dustin Schlesselman, 1215 E. Market St., Lima, $7,000.

• Tracie J. Sanchez and Jeffrey A. Sanchez to Annette Young and Willie Whiteside, 401 S. Central Ave. and .09 acres E. Eureka St., Lima, $10,000.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Sage Acquisitions Asset Manager Contractor Authorized Agent to Dom & Pudge Real Estate LLC, 522 W. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $40,000.

• Siferd Hossellman Company Inc. AKA Siferd-Hossellman Company Inc. to Allen County Council on Aging Inc., 628 N. Main St., 626 N. Main St., .26 acre N. Main St., .26 acre N. Main St., Lima, $400,000.

• Lonnie W. Tegels to Erik Dukes, 820 Ewing Ave., Lima, $82,200.

• Tip Top rentals LLC to Chandler R. Cook, 1255 N. Baxter St., Lima, $72,900.

• Michael Triplehorn and Allison Triplehorn to Robert Kendall and Beth Kendall, 642 W. Ford Ave., Lima, $22,800.

• Arnold A. Vasquez and Cynthia S. Vasquez to Larry Smith, 1355 Rice Ave. and .14 acre N. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $7,000.


• Galen O. Miller and Tina L. Miller to Emily R. Kline, 834 N. Main St., Delphos, $63,000.

• Gary L. Wisner and Barbara S. Wisner to Todd E. Joseph, 466 Dewey St., Delphos, $68,000.


• Lisbeth A. Depalma NKA Lisbeth A. Lovell and Rollin B. Lovell to Lauren R. Art and Zachery J. Norton, 2945 Makley Drive, Lima, $135,000.

• Robert G. Rider and Rebecca J. Rider to Michael A. Overholtz and Rachael L. Overholtz, 3907 Neely Road, Elida, $205,000.

• US Bank National Association ND US Bank National Association Successor By Merger to Castle 2016 LLC, 3670 N. Kemp Road, Elida, $41,800.


• Devin C. Russell and Diane L. Russell to Adam M. Blevins and Jennifer K. Blevins, 7303 Clum Road, Harrod, $215,000.


• Ronald E. Beanblossom and Sharon B. Beanblossom to Alfred O. Manke III and Lori L. Manke, 850 Heritage Drive, Lima, $177,000.

• Janice E. Parker to Robert Trent Sr. and Deborah Trent, Ottawa Road and State Road, $14,400.

• Ernest A. Poling Jr., Judith A. Poling, Barbara Jeanne Hill and George Hill to Barbara Jean Shoemaker, 3807 Cambridge Place, No. 20, Unit 4, Lima, $100,000.

• Union Bank Company to Nanette L. Smith, 4063 Brookshore Drive, No. 15, Unit 53, Lima, $139,000.


• Anthony W. Carmack and Vicki L. Carmack to Mark M. Zwiebel and Britny E. Zwiebel, 9585 N. Dixie Hwy., Bluffton, $159,000.

• Roxie A. Kloeppel and Paul C. Kloeppel to Curt M. Burkholder and Victoria K. Parsons, 9745 Zurflugh, Bluffton, $96,300.


• Louis E. King and Nancy M. King to Daniel M. Sackinger, 4180 Yellowod St., Lima, $153,000.

• Michael W. Lotz Trustee of the Michael W. Lotz Revocable Living Trust to Douglas D. Whetstone, 4500 Delong Road, Lima, $212,000.

• Jadvyga Smulskis, Decd, Rita Lutz Executor to Kristen Windau, 3823 Meadow View Drive, Lima, $71,500.


• Jane Ann Sawmiller to Milisa R. Herron and Bradley K. Herron, 811 N. Broadway St., Spencerville, $20,000.


•Gerald E. Mricle Jr., Joan M. Mericle, Karen S. Dukes, L. Jewell Dukes, Nancy K. Klinger, Don R. Klinger and Beth Ann Mericle to Mary E. Waltz, 722 S. Main St., Bluffton, $117,000.

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