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First Posted: 11:00 am - June 6th, 2015

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The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running May 28 to June 3. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 91 60 76

Mortgages 64 60 76

Mortgage cancellations 73 62 60

Financing statements 2 0 0


• Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York FKA as Trustee, CWABS, Inc., Asset-backed certificate, Series 2006-11 and Green Tree Servicing, LLC. To Kamal Yoakim, 863-65-67 W. Elm St., Lima, $17,000.

• Michael H. and Deloris J. Dolan to Nella M. Ragland, 829 E. Third St., Lima, $3,000.

• Wilma D. Doyle and Gwendolyn C. Wilson to Ronald W. Meeker, 583 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $40,000.

• Equity Trust Company Custodian and Z108012 IRA FBO to J. Michael and Rita S. Roebuck, 446 Hazel Ave., Lima, $15,000.

• Christopher D. Harris to Shamon K. Carter, 909 E. Kibby St., Lima, $7,000.

• Blain and Michelle L. Gearing to Daniel P. and Sheena R. Clevenger, 1521 Diller Road, Lima, $120,000.

• Aaron L. Houston to John L. and Lashena S. Manley, 1416 Cedar St., Lima, $6,000.

• Anna M. Kiracofe and Anna M. and Luke A. Jones to Scott R. and Judith A. Gephart, 1809 W. High St., Lima, $81,000.

• Kimberly Legros to James E. Harding, 1537 Hazel Ave., Lima, $44,500.

• Richard L. and Susan E. Lutz to Martin Sopher and Gloriann E. Geib, 1536 Hazel Ave., Lima, $110,000.

• Elmer V. Mault to Christopher D. Harris, 909 E. Kibby St., Lima, $7,000.

• Patricia M. Pleiman to Jeffrey Alan Vandemark, 842 Mackenzie Dr., Lima, $53,500.

• Jamie Smith to John and Rebecca Yohe, 340 S. Jackson St., Lima, $2,000.


• Ruby Jean Dean to Keith D. Dean, 4180 N. Kemp Road, Lima, $122,500.

• Jerold F. Ecklund to John D. and Cheryl L. Vanbibber, 2263 N. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $96,900.

• Shawn C. and Kacy Goetz to Shane R. and Molly Smith, 5066 Willow St., Lima, $171,000.

• Harold M. Hanna and Joe C. Hedrick to DNN Holding, LLC., Delaware Ave. and 1106 Center St., Lima, $9,500.

• Leslie H. Jenkins to Troy and Jennifer Whitaker, 2881 Plymouth Dr., Lima, $146,000.

• Dennis E. and Christine M. Kaser to State of Ohio Department of Transportation, 3940, 50 and 60 Elida Road, Lima, $7,750.

• Richard E. and Darlene A. Keller to Bart Tippie, 836 Westerly Dr., Lima, $114,000.

• Jeremyah A. and Carrie Nunez and Jeremyah Nunez to Jennifer L. Jones, 113 Parakeet Pl., Lima, $108,500.

• Keith V. and Theresa M. Oder to Cody J. and Stephanie N. Laman, Baty Road, Lima, $85,000.


• Matthew G. Albright, Diana Albright, Mark R. Albright and Ruth Ann Albright to Sondra A. Mann, 3844 Yale Ave., Lima, $111,000.

• Brian C. and Jennifer L. Bible to Ronald T. and Kandice K. Burton, 766 Fenway Dr., Lima, $139,000.

• Jon J. Grondolsky, Tungpalan Grondolsky and Lori N. Tungpalan Grondolsky to Jeffrey A. Newbold, 5290 Sandusky Road, Lima, $425,000.

• Sondra A. Mann to Joshua W. and Alicia B. Krasky, 1104 Fett Ave., Lima, $99,900.

• Charles and Helen R. Robinson to Jamie M. Myers, 215 S. Leonard Ave., Lima, $8,500.

• Brian M. and Christine Stevenson to Shane M. Baughman, 1495 N. Cool Road, Lima, $173,000.

• Nathan J. and Rachel A. Waleryszak to Robert J. and Kayla N. Mauk, 3560 Stewart Road, Lima, $200,000.


• Sandra L. Hrometz and Brian Myers to Matthew J. and Rachel L. Mummert, 740 College Ave., Bluffton, $204,000.


• Sheriff Samuel A. Crish, Treasurer Rachael S. Gilroy and Linda K. Burnett, et al. to Steve M. and Pam S. Robey, 6252 Ottawa Road, Cairo, $49,000.


• Ronald J. and Monica Lynn Fetzer to Shelby M. Koenig and Daniel K. Heilman, 827 N. Franklin St., Delphos, $85,000.

• First Federal Bank of the Midwest to John J. Clark, 150 E. Ninth St., Delphos, $57,000.


• Jill A. Anthony to Nicholas J. Martino, 2215 Juneau Dr., Lima, $64,300.

• Mary K. Steiner to Ashley L. Haidle, 110 Howard St., Lima, $82,000.


• Brent A. and Lorie M. Kiene to Joseph W. and Ruth A. Donaldson, N. Pevee Road, Bluffton, $67,800.


• Douglas D. and Teresa A. Sensibaugh to James C. Williams, 7180 W. State Road, Lima, $97,000.


• Lonzo Caudill, Hazel Caudill and Alonzo Caudill, Jr. to John and Iona Brewster, 2207 S. Main St., Lima, $5,000.

• Daven E. Stedke to Brian M. and Christine M. Stevenson, 3605 E. Hanthorn Road, Lima, $250,000.


• Maurice D. and Eileen R. Garmatter to Andrew T. and Karna R. Marquart, 10870 N. Napoleon Road, Bluffton, $146,000.

• Richard T. and Theresa A. Numbers to Clinton H. and Brittney C. Rettig, 9022 Bentley Road, Bluffton, $305,000.


• Jean M. Blubaugh and Jennings Keystone Inheritance Trust to Shirley A. Laslea, 104 Tolowa Trail, Lima, $170,000.

• Joshua and Jill Foster to Todd A. Wagner, 2186 Grimmwood Dr., Lima, $131,500.

• Kidwell Family Trust, William A. and Debra E. Kidwell to Kathrine M. Sager, 2525 Struthmore Dr., Lima, $115,000.

• Dennis C. and Paulette J. Schlueter to Gerald F. McFarland, 1750 Shawnee Road, Lima, $37,500.

• Sarah L. and Charles W. Seeley to Brian Humes, 3459 S. Dixie Hwy., Lima, $89,900.

• Ronda D. Ulman to Ronald E. Strasburg and Diane M. Nevergall, 111 Tolowa Trail, Lima, $165,000.

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