Allen County Marriages and Divorces


Carrie A. Hart, 42, Lima, and Nichol L. McGuire, 43, Lima; Zane T. Wildermuth, 26, Pandora, and Mallory A. Pequignot, 29, Lima; Adam W. Hawk, 30, Harrod, and Danielle R. Parker, 27, Harrod; Rusty K. Hill, 47, Lima, and Martha Mayer, 49, Lima; Luke Calhoun, 44, Lima, and Leann Peace, 43, Northville, Mich.; Austin M. Lloyd, 22, Harrod, and Amber R. Wagner, 22, Harrod; Paul P. Tamawong, 54, Lima, and Supaporn Punwichitsiri, 49, Thailand; Jeremy J. Nichols, 39, Lima, and Aubrey A. Stratton, 24, Lima.


Brian A. and Renee M. Contini; Alisha and Garrett Howell; Patricia R. and Robert J. Edwards; Julie A. and Deed P. Hall; Terri A. and Benjamin R. Bentley; Traci L. and Kevin J. Bockey; Jerry W. and Tyra E. Stewart.


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Leipsic makes PCL a 3-team race
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