Auglaize County election results, November 2016


Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (D) 3,825

Richard Duncan/Ricky Johnson


Gary Johnson/William Weld


Jill Stein/Ajamu Barkaa (G)


Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence (R) 18,130

Write-ins 269

U.S. Senator

Tom Connors 314

Joseph R. DeMare (G) 219

Rob Portman (R) 19,937

Scott Rupert 350

Ted Strickland (D) 2,927

Write-in 8

Chief Justice of Supreme Court

Maureen O’Connor 16,940

Justice of the Supreme Court (1-1-17 term)

Pat Fischer 10,128

John P. O’Donnell 8,203

Justice of the Supreme Court (1-2-17 term)

Pat DeWine 14,260

Cynthia Rice 5,138

Judge of the Court of Appeals, 3rd District (2-9-17 term)

Randall L. Basinger 5,612

William R. Zimmerman 12,157

Judge of the Court of Appeals, 3rd District (2-11-17 term)

Stephen R. Shaw 16,049

State Board of Education, 1st District

Tanyce J. Addison 2,386

Linda Haycock 6,173

Martha A. Manchester 5,661

Lilli Vitale 3,352

U.S. Congress, 4th District

Janet Garrett (D) 3,786

Jim Jordan (R) 18,637

Ohio Representative, 84th District

Keith Faber (R) 10.198

Ed Huff Jr. (D) 1,766

Ohio Representative, 82nd District

Craig Riedel (R) 8,081

County commissioner (1-2-17 term)

John Bergman (R) 18,279

County commissioner (1-3-17 term)

Donald Regula (R) 17,617


Edwin A. Pierce (R) 18,162

Clerk of Courts

I. Jean Meckstroth (R) 18,364


Allen F. Solomon (D) 17,428


Christina Lambert (R) 18,331


April E. Bowersock (R) 18,857


Douglas P. Reinhart (R) 18,792


Thomas R. Freytag (R) 18,870

Common Pleas Court Judge

Frederick D. Pepple (R) 17,778


Pusheta Township, 1.0 mill additional tax levy, continuing, fire and EMS

For 441

Against 250

Minster schools, 1 percent income tax renewal, 15 years, current expenses

For 1,626

Against 510

Minster schools, 0.8 mill levy, 5 years, permanent improvements

For 1,669

Against 476

St. Marys 1-B, Bartlett’s Drive Thru, Sunday sales, beer wine and mixed beverages and spirituous liquor, 10 a.m. to midnight

For 297

Against 75

St. Marys 2-A, Pantry Pride, Sunday sales 10 a.m. to midnight

For 368

Against 96

Spencerville schools (overlap), 1.4 mill renewal levy, five years, permanent improvement

For 204


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