Lima Memorial Health System

Sept. 16 — Christina and David Haught, Ada, girl; Lindsey and Bryan Wagner, Lima, girl; Amanda Braun and Ryan Jarrett, Celina, girl.

Sept. 17 — Chelsea and Jacob Sunderland, Lima, boy.

Sept. 18 — Mary and Peter Kometiani, Lima, boy.

St. Rita’s Medical Center

Sept. 14 — Megan and Bobby Phillips, Lima, boy.

Sept. 16 — Ashley and Dave Wiechart, Spencerville, boy; Jessica and Kevin Jensen, Lima, girl; Rachael Mears and Joshua McLean, Lima, girl; Alixandra and Travis Brown, Delphos, boy.

Sept. 17 — Courtney Waldron, Lima, boy; Kaci and Kyle Wright, St. Marys, boy; Adrianna McClure and Dominic McCrate, Leipsic, boy; Adrienne and Jonathan Swartz, Lima, twin boys, Kristin and Justin Lenhart, Cridersville, girl; Angela and Kristopher Wagner, Lima, boy.

Sept. 18 — Heidi Edwards and Quinton Moye, Wapakoneta, girl; Brandi Barnett and Zenesto Martin Jr., Lima, girl; Julie and Ryan Moenter, Delphos, boy; Mary and Brian Good, Spencerville, girl.

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