Cridersville to conduct smoke test on sewer system

CRIDERSVILLE — The village of Cridersville will conduct smoke tests on its sanitary sewer system Aug. 16 and 17, focusing on the northwest and southwest corners of the village.

The smoke test allows inspection crews to find any breaks or defects in the system. No smoke should enter homes unless there is a defect in the building’s plumbing system or there are drain traps that are dried up.

Homeowners are advised to pour a gallon of water into each floor drain before the testing date. If smoke does enter a building, it is a good indication that dangerous sewer gases could be entering that building. If smoke is discovered in a building during the test, evacuate the building immediately and notify work crews or call 419-645-5001.

Any homes or businesses that have people with mobility or respiratory issues should call the number listed above before the testing date.

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