Allen County Marriages and Divorces


Travis L. Williams, 31, Columbus Grove, and Jillian K. Bechtol, 29, Columbus Grove; Travis T. Carter, 48, Detroit, and Kenya M. James, 43, Lima; Johnathon R. Pasion, 27, Lima, and Megan J. Reeder, 28, Lima; Brian L. Molitor II, 31, Lima, and Eddie R. Kilgore III, 21, Lima; Ronald N. Luttrell III, 27, Lima, and Janet E. Jones, 25, Lima; Jeremy R. Powley, 25, Bluffton, and Bailey P. Keene, 23, Bluffton; Greg A. Golden, 43, Lima, and Marianne E. Sipe, 38, Lima; Brent C. Hamilton, 52, Lima, and Sheila R. Williams, 55, Lima; Robert E. Robertson Sr., 53, Lima, and Megan E. Franks, 38, Lima; James K. Hood, 29, Lima, and Erin N. Irvin, 24, Lima; Joshua R. Mills, 21, Lima, and Aliah R. Fruchey, 20, Lima; Angelo F. Calabrese, 22, Hazleton, Pa., and Cheyenne S. Seip, 23, Elizabeth, N.J.; Michael A. Perrine, 25, Lima, and Minah Choi, 25, Lima; Stephen D. Engle, 24, Lima, and Kelsey M. Miller, 22, Lima; Mark R. Lockard, 54, Lima, and Amanda L. Newland, 30, Lima; Teddy D. Hale, 46, Lima, and Crystal R. Bercaw, 44, Lima; Mark A. Miller Jr., 36, Lima, and Charlotte M. Barry, 25, Lima; Blake M. Lundy, 22, Gastonia, N.C., and Emily A. Runser, 21, Lima; Dakota D. Maness, 22, Lima, and Taylor R. Cady, 22, Lima; William I. Decker Jr., 51, Harrod, and Christine J. Hennis, 46, Harrod; John D. Pitson, 31, Lima, and Tabitha I. Kave, 29, Lima; Norris R. Bevis Jr., 37, Lima, and Rebekah T. Crockett, 30, Lima; Derrich M. Funiciello, 33, Cliffton Park, N.Y., and Justine N. Phillips, 27, Cliffton Park, N.Y.; Frederic A. Obermeyer, 56, Delphos, and Sandra L. Carder, 52, Delphos; Leslie G. Bowen, 52, Delphos, and Kimberlie A. Neeley, 40, Delphos; Allen E. Madlock Sr., 39, Lima, and Tammy S. McLellan, 34, Lima; Adam W. Miehls, 32, Lima, and Kayla N. Krites, 25, Lima; Daniel J. Hegel, 23, Midland, Mich., and Loren E. Crawford, 23, Midland, Mich.; David E. Lewis I, 40, Lima, and Cynthia L. Kill, 42, Lima; Joseph L. Reser, 34, Lima, and Nacole D. Klett, 34, Lima; Roger A. Roark Jr., 40, Lima, and Jessie M. Hittle, 39, Lima; Keith E. Mumper, 52, Lima, and Amy R. Whitacre, 46, Lima; Alex L. Fuerst, 29, Lima, and Suzanne N. Derryberry, 26, Lima; William E. Janis, 64, Lima, and Debra J. Maxwell, 55, Lima.


Walter A. and Amy J. Schultz; Yolanda and Aubshun Brown Smith; Margie A. and Dale A. Robey; Kimberly K. and David E. Young; Jeff A. and Penny L. Hardesty; Scott D. and Sue E. Hochstetler; Vincent B. and Marianne N. Jackson; Ravi K. and Eugenia M. Kolla; Amanda S. and Anthony L. Barnes; Tina L. and Luis Caballero; Mary A. and Darryl A. Begg; Michelle S. and Randall S. Wasson; Deidre T. and Christopher P. Lockhart; Krystle R. and Andrew J. Grenier; Lakilya Tate and Sircharles D. White; Shannon L. and Steven D. Miller.

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