A family who serves

From Jane Painter, Lima

Even though I was never in the military myself, three generations of my family have served and are still, from World War II to the president day.

The first generation was both my mom and dad, Ted and Norma Miller. My dad served in the Army Air Corps against Japan in the Pacific from 1943 to 1945. He also had four brothers who served in Europe at the same time. Dad was a proud American, strong Christian faith, conservative Republican who would be upset with the way things are in 2016.

Also, the first generation and one of the first women to ever serve in the military, my mom was in the Women’s Army Corps, WACs, as it was called back during World War II. She served at an air base in Ardmore, Oklahoma, from 1944 to 1945. She even rode in a B-52. Even though she was always a Republican, she never really got involved with political affairs. Her only brother also served in the military, too.

Both Mom and Dad used the VA benefits, which back in the 1950s wasn’t too bad in being able to get the benefits. Because back then our government leaders knew what it was to serve this country because they also served.

The econd generation that served in my family was my husband, Denver Roy Painter, U.S. Marine Corps (1966 to 1969). During this time he spent 13 months in Vietnam from 1967 to 68. He has always been upset the way he and others who was in Vietnam have been treated since they came home. And would never talk about the Vietnam War until our son came home from Iraq in 2006. Then father and son shared war stories together as two Marines. My husband is not a political activist like I am, but he is a Republican not happy with the way this country has been going. The veterans need better services and more understanding by the leaders of this country. Leaders in this country don’t care about the men and women in this country who have served in the military. Because most of the leaders we have now on Washington D.C. have never served in the military themselves! And they don’t understand military families or veterans families.

This comes to my son, Ted Painter, who is still serving — going on 16 years in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves now. He served 10 years active duty. During that time he went to Iraq. He is now serving as a gunny sergeant. He goes every month and two weeks a year for the military and this country. My nephew also served in the U.S. Navy, this same generation. Our son comes from a Republican family.

We are a military family! From way back! Maybe even the future. My son has three sons and two daughters. That will depend on the politics of the United States when they get old enough to decide if they want to serve or not! I pray as a grandmother for their future, that they will have the same freedoms their dad and grandparents fought for in the past.

From Jane Painter, Lima

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