Remembering a classmate with pride

From Evelyn Miller Sarber, Elida

Ed Feightner graduated with Sarber in 1937 from Elida High School. She remembers him as being an excellent student and being well respected by his classmates.

Rear Admiral Edward Lewis “Whitey” Feightner, now retired, fought in the Pacific Theater during World War II. He served two combat tours and has been credited with shooting down nine enemy planes.

He learned to fly in the Civilian Pilot Training Program, receiving his pilot’s license by 1940. He enlisted in the Navy Reserve and entered its training program. After doing battle around the world, he became a fighter instructor in California after the war. This transitioned into being involved as a test pilot, researching planes, electronic systems and tactics. He is credited with being involved in the transition from propeller to jet aircraft.

From Evelyn Miller Sarber, Elida

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