NOW Marketing Group focuses on creativity, wellness

By Activate Allen County

Staying active

NOW Marketing Group does many things to make sure its team is staying active on a daily basis. One of the things the team does together to move is taking twice-daily walks around the neighborhood they work in. Not only does this ensure the team is working toward its step count every day but it creates an atmosphere of team building. The team has even participated in a step challenge, introducing a little friendly competition to the office!

Of course, it’s not exactly pleasant to walk during the colder months of Ohio. So, to continue the focus on active living, the team has a weekly yoga session in the office. To make sure employees aren’t sitting hunched over all day, several team members have standing desks they incorporate into their daily office routine. People also incorporate timers to mark times to stand and move.

Staying healthy

Encouraging healthy water consumption is also an important part of NOW’s culture. Fresh, filtered water is always available in the kitchen. The company purchased Ulla Hydration Reminders for the team to use. The device attaches to water bottles and flashes to remind an individual to drink water every hour.

To help support mothers and keep infants healthy, the office welcomes breastfeeding onsite. Several team members have taken advantage of this.

To encourage team members to stay healthy and active, NOW Marketing also covers the cost of gym memberships.

The building is also tobacco-free, and a tobacco-free policy has been introduced.

Following a wellness policy

NOW Marketing Group works hard to follow a wellness plan that works to keep employees happy, healthy and active. Part of NOW’s core beliefs and culture is to have a workplace that invests in its employees in order to see success in the company. When an organization like NOW Marketing works to create an environment of health and wellness, it sees benefits like increased productivity, retention of staff, decreased employee absenteeism and lower insurance and workers compensation costs.

By Activate Allen County

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