“Jason Bourne” – PG-13

By David S. Adams - For The Lima News

The Story

“You don’t know the truth about what they did to you,” says former CIA operative Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) to Jason Bourne (Matt Damon). “I found your father’s name in the files.” She’s downloaded all ten CIA secret Black Op files — including Bourne’s Threadstone. That’s the setup for this Bourne thriller, directed and co-written by Paul Greengrass, starring (once again) Matt Damon.

What’s in the files CIA Director Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) wants kept secret? How did Bourne’s father die? Have you ever seen a car chase inside a casino? Watch “Jason Bourne” and see the slot machines implode.

The Actors

Matt Damon returns (after nine years) as intense and taciturn CIA agent “Jason Bourne” (nee David Webb, turned killer in CIA’s Threadstone program). He’s fighting in an Eastern European underground bare-knuckles circuit, but abandons it when hacked Threadstone files surface. Tommy Lee Jones is in-charge CIA Director Robert Dewey to whom subordinates all say, “Yes, sir; copy that,” whenever he says, “Let’s do this.” Alicia Vikander is ambitious (and ambiguous) CIA Deputy Director Heather Lee, who tells Dewey, “If I can get face-to-face with Bourne, I think I can bring him in.” Dewey agrees, but we know he’d rather eliminate Bourne. “We’ve got to end this,” he says.

Others in the cast include Vincent Cassel as CIA agent “Asset,” who may (or may not) have dispatched Bourne’s father. Julia Stiles is loyal ex-CIA colleague Nicky Parsons. Riz Ahmed, Bill Camp and Kaya Yuzuki play Zuckerberg-esque Aaron Kaloor, social-media billionaire; Malcolm Smith, British spy go-between; and nameless computer hacker, “Hacker.”

Other Comments

“Jason Bourne” is revenge-drama/action-thriller, directed and co-written by Paul Greengrass (with co-writer Christopher Rouse) from novels by Robert Ludlum. Memory restored — “The Bourne Identity” (2002), “The Bourne Supremacy” (2004), and “The Bourne Ultimatum” (2007) — Jason Bourne/David Webb demands: “Who killed my father? Why was he killed?” In flashbacks into Jason’s memory, we see his father, CIA station-chief Richard Webb (Gregg Henry), appearing like a ghost of Hamlet’s father, killed by persons unknown. Will Jason/David revenge his father’s murder? That’s the question. Non-stop action, hand-held camera work and split-second editing by Barry Ackroyd and editor/co-writer Christopher Rouse keep “Jason Bourne” moving so fast we have no time to think about plot or characters. Two chase sequences stand out: Athens and Vegas, the latter belonging in the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and brief strong language, “Jason Bourne” runs 123 minutes — but may seem longer.

Final Words

Newest “Jason Bourne” begins —

“The CIA’s been hacked!”

Damon fights, leads the chase:

The “Bourne” format’s intact.

By David S. Adams

For The Lima News

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