EMA to apply for three grants

By Kelly Doran

August 7, 2014

LIMA — The County Commissioners approved a request for to apply three grants Thursday morning.

Russ Decker, director of the Allen County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, was given permission by the commissioners to apply the grants.

The first, Decker said, is an emergency management performance grant for an amount of $90,834, a grant that he applies for and receives every year.

The second will allow the Decker to have a warning siren put on the Shawnee High School. Decker said that Shawnee Schools and Shawnee Township approached him to request the siren. The grant will provide $11,000 and Shawnee will pay the rest.

The final grant Decker will be applying for is from Homeland Security so that he can purchase two F350 trucks with caps to replace the 1984 truck that is currently being used. Decker will ask for $90,000. This will save about $50,000 from buying a truck like their 1984 truck, which is bigger, and will allow the bomb squad to be in two locations at once.