Celina PD reports on Corcidin use

By Lance Mihm

June 5, 2014

CELINA — The Celina Police Department has taken reports of children in their mid teens abusing over the counter medications recently.

In recent days an incident of some of these children resulted in at least three hospitalizations of which two had to be transferred to a children’s hospital. In the most recent incident, it is believed that the medications was Coricidin, referred to as “triple C” by kids. Medication is being obtained by these young people without knowledge of their parents and other family members.

The police department is asking parents to please keep an eye on their medications and their children. Some people do not think the medication which are not prescription are all that dangerous. However, when abused or taken improperly, they are. These can often times be fatal or have other long lasting effects on the persons health.

If you suspect drug abuse please take action to help your children and please call the police department at 419-586-2345 for any help you need or concerns you have.